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ABC Easy Loan Pvt Ltd T/A as BancEASY


BancEASY is a credit-only microfinance institution that offers short-term salary-based loans to both private and public sector employees through source deduction arrangements with the employer. Civil servants are eligible for these loans as the Salary Service Bureau (SSB) has an arrangement in place with BancEASY.


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BancEASY Loans

These are cash loans given to members of the civil service regardless of their current bankers based on their capacity to repay, that is they are based on the clients salary and a deduction is obtained through Salary Service Bureau.

Product Based Loans

Any member of civl service can access this loan by acquiring products on credit from and of our partners Bigtill Investment, Limogain, Tatalita, Inspark Investment and Modern Credit.

School Fees Loans

School fees loans (SFL) these are overdraft loans given to BancABC existing clients to fund their school tuitions.

Pay Day Loans

These are overdraft loans given to BancABC existing clients to clear any emergency uprising in a given period of 1 month according to the pay date.

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