• warrant that information furnished is true and correct and undertake to inform BancEASY of any changes thereto as well as any facts or circumstances in future that may impact my legal status as a Borrower of BancEASY
  • indemnify BancEASY against any liability for any loss or damage suffered by me as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information contained herein;
  • agree to the terms and condition governing the Facility and agree to abide by them and such other rules which may come into force from time to time;
  • authorise BancEASY to make any independent information verification and generally make whatever enquiries it deems necessary from any source whatsoever and may supply information regarding the Facility and my compliance to otherwise with the terms and conditions of BancEASY, to other banks or any Credit Bureau, subject to any applicable legislation, Code of Conduct or Practice;
  • understand that in the event of any information proving to be inaccurate, BancEASY reserves the right to decline this application without disclosing the reasons thereof;
  • acknowledge and declare that all information I have provided in this Agreement, and all documentation provided in support of my application, is true and correct; and I have not provided any false, inaccurate, fictituous and/or invalid information in this Agreement, nor have I forged any documents provided to BancEASY in support of this application;
  • understand, consent and acknowledge that notwithstanding a change in the currency or legal tender in use in Zimbabwe, the loan shall be repayable in the currency in which it was loaned, specifically United States Dollars (USD);
  • hereby acknowledge and agree that a certificate under the hand of any director of BancEASY as to the existence and the amounts of the indebtedness of the Borrower to BancEASY at any time, as to the fact that such amount is due and payable, the amount and interest accrued thereon and as to any other fact, matter or thing relating to the indebtedness of the Borrower to BancEASY, shall be prima facie proof of the contents and correctness thereof and of the amounts of the Borrower’s indebtedness for the purpose of provisional sentence or summary judgment or any other proceedings against the Borrower in any competent court, and shall be valid as a liquid document for such purposes. Such a certificate shall be deemed to be of sufficient particularity for the purpose of pleading or trial in any action or other proceedings instituted by BancEASY against the Borrower;
  • hereby confirm that I have not taken out credit life insurance cover, and hereby consent and agree to be covered by the insurance cover that BancEASY takes out with the Insurance Company of its choosing. In the event that I do have credit life insurance cover at the time of signing this Agreement, I undertake to furnish BancEASY with the full particulars of this insurance cover(name of insurer, type of insurance, commencement date, premiums payable); and further undertake to ensure that as part of my obligations under this Agreement, I cede my rights in terms of this existing insurance cover to BancEASY and assist BancEASY in liaising with my insurance company for the purposes of noting BancEASY’s cession and interest on this insurance policy;
  • by accepting these terms hereto undertake that I agree to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, of which I have read and understood the meaning thereof;


  • BancEASY is a registered Microfinance Insitution which is separate from African Banking of Zimbabwe Limited (“BancABC”). For any queries or complaints, kindly direct them to BancEASY officials.
  • The terms and conditions highlighted on the Agreement form can be explained in the Borrower’s local language/ language of preference upon request of the Borrower.
  • BancEASY reserves the right to decrease the instalment amount and increase the tenor or number of instalments of the loan (rescheduling) to ensure loan performance.
  • An applicant who misrepresents on his/her capacity to repay this loan or provides any false, inaccurate, fictitious, and/or invalid information contained herein shall be deemed as having committed fraud ,which is a criminal offence as provided in terms of Section 136 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23], and shall be prosecuted accordingly.
  • Subject to the laws of Zimbabwe, the Borrower voluntarily, without any force or coercion cedes his rights over his terminal benefits and/or severance package to BancEASY to the extent of any amounts owing on this loan and authorises BancEASY to be a preferred creditor over the disbursement of his terminal benefits and/or severance package upon his death, resignation and/or termination of his employment contract with his employer.
  • A fee equivalent to 1 month’s instalment will be charged on loan cancellation.

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